BRP Butterfly Project 

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Batey Rehab Project; Butterfly Project 

I'm thrilled to announce I will be continuing my work with the Batey Rehab Project., I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to work as a volunteer building modular homes with locals for locals living in extreme poverty.

The housing needs in Latin America and the Caribbean are compelling, given that 36% of all households, or over 58 million families, need new or improved housing to meet basic minimum standards. Most of these housing needs are felt by the region's low-income majority, representing 360 million people earning less than $272 monthly per capita.


Butterfly Project Campaign

Professor Sam Norgard of the Savannah College of Art and Design has been creating art in the form of dresses for the past twenty years. Her recent dresses are created with beaded and embellished components. These dresses are not only one-of-a-kind, but they are a true example of the exquisite bead work of Sam and her passion.


Sam began working with Katie Godkin, SCAD Alumna and founder of the Batey Rehab Project in 2014, with an inspired and amazing group of talented students. These students were taking her Bead Technique class for Jewelry and decided to travel internationally to teach women of the Batey communities in the Dominican Republic beading.


Sam often thought of the beading program in the Dominican Republic as butterfly coming out of its' chrysalis. One day walking through Anderson Hall with Katie, where one of her dresses was displayed, Sam had a vision. She envisioned the collaboration project of creating a dress of beaded floral forms which could provide an armature on which Butterfly brooches could land, rest for a while and then fly away as they were sold to raise money for the BRP.

Join us as we embark upon this incredible journey to work with the women of Batey Girls at BRP. These women and young teens who are victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence, will not only create these butterflies alongside a team of SCAD Alumni students who first began this beading project, but they will learn to embrace their own beauty and evolve as a butterfly beginning a new journey to freedom.