Artist Statement

As an artist, Jocelyn DeSisto is driven by the social anthropology behind adornment in combination with advancing technology. The science and engineering of how an object is made, where materials come from and how they are put together to transform into something new is an engaging challenge in her work.

Using 3-D printing and post-processing to manipulate and elevate a printed material, DeSisto maintains a studio practice that allows her to create work that is modern and fun while exploring what art and craft means today. The mechanical and industrial quality of the 3-D printing process contrasts with the organic and expressive painting aspect of coloring the pieces to evoke mystery and intrigue as to how the object was made. Jewelry is a unique venue to explore when making works of art that are typically not meant to be touched. In the new context of jewelry, the relationship between the viewer and the work of art extends beyond purely visual to the physical.

Each work is charged with emotion and full of character, from the intense colors to the materials used. The viewer and wearer are invited to experience and carry those attributes with them in the form of contemporary adornment.