Pause. Reset. Restart.

Jocelyn DeSistoComment

Hey Everyone!

We are back on our grind and back to our weekly post on The Living Room! Thank you for being patient while we have been adjusting to our new space and workflow in NYC. 

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The past two months have flown by, but I have to say, it has felt like we’ve been living on cloud 9 ever since we first moved into our new space on August 12th. Though there have been some growing pains, struggles, and shifting of scheduling we are still here and happily working away at Lot28! 

We have been hard at work developing two projects from New York Jewelry Week this year that are near and dear to our passion for sustainability and ethical practices. I can’t share the details of the projects just yet but I promise once we can you guys will be the first to know! 


This past weekend we took a spontaneous trip back to Portland Maine to visit family and reconnect with the environment and spaces that first inspired Lot28. Though we didn’t make it all the way out to Lot28 island we were able to spend some much needed time reconnecting with nature. 


From watching hermit crabs scatter around under the shallow water on the coast to the ten different types of seaweed collected on one rock we were flooded with timeless inspiration from the ocean. 


Below are some of the photos from the weekend. A hidden gem of beauty in plain sight, I was fascinated by the way barnacles collect on one facet of a rock [ possibly a future collection?! ] The natural compositions occurring in nature have always been and will continue to be a vital part of Lot28! 


A huge thanks to everyone who continues to foster and grow the community around Lot28, we are beyond thankful for all of you. In the coming weeks we will have lots of news about the projects we are working on for NYC Jewelry Week, see you next week on The Living Room.