Inside Lot28 - Our New Partnership with Formlabs

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Week four of the Living Room! 
We were so happy to see how many of you enjoyed the Story of Lot28 last week! Community and our history is central to the DNA of Lot28. Driven by the power of story and voice through jewelry I am overjoyed to see the amazing community that has grown around Lot28. 


We have been hard at work this summer and have a number of exciting projects in the works [ Fact: I’m horrible at keeping secrets but we can’t share all the details just yet ] What I can share though is our new partnership with Formlabs and their ambassador program! 

Back in the spring, referenced in the week two post about the Blacksha Duo, we attended the annual Formlabs User Summit. A two day event full of the latest in 3D printing, work-flows, and the future of manufacturing. 


Our partnership with Formlabs has been a long time coming. After graduating from SCAD in 2017 I worked in SCAD’s rapid prototyping labs. Around that same time SCAD invested in four Form2 3D printer [ the timing couldn’t have been better ]. I gained hands on experience working with and maintaining the printers. I had worked with a number of other 3D printers and digital technology in the past but there were always limitations to the design process whether that be cost, material, or post processing there were roadblocks along the way. It wasn’t until I started experimenting with the Formlabs materials that I was able to make great strides in my process. When I was switching studios last year I took a minute to lay out all of the material samples I had collected over the years, there were close to100! 


Previously, I was outsourcing all of my 3D printing, the one to two week turnaround time was costly and delayed the design process. When I decided to launch Lot28 about a year later I knew investing in my own Form2 printer was the first step. This was a major moment for Lot28, it was the first time that we could produce all of the work in-house from start to finish! 


I have always tagged Formlabs in our post on Instagram to generate awareness but didn’t think much beyond that. One day a ‘Hello from Formlabs!’ email popped up in my inbox. Formlabs had discovered Lot28 via Instagram and invited us to exhibit work at the User Summit in Boston. 


The two day event was beyond inspiring and full of talented professionals defining the future of 3D printing. [ You know the feeling you get when you find your group of people, individuals who get you, who challenge and share your passion? ] I was slightly nervous about attending the event alone, usually I prefer to travel with a friend, but I was pleasantly surprised! The trip was a blast and was only the tip of the iceberg!

While at the event a friend mentioned the Formlabs loaner printer series, a program where Formlabs provides a 3D printer for companies to display at large community events. After returning from the conference I was invited to exhibit at the Worth Magazine Cities Summit conference in Savannah showcasing my work with SCAD. They were interested in having a 3D printer run during the event. The timing was perfect and an ideal follow up after the User Summit. 

Formlabs agreed to provide a printer for the event and invited us to join the new ambassador series they were launching. I was delighted to become part of the ambassador program alongside a handful of other talented friends I met at the summit. The ambassador program is a collective of community leaders working closely with Formlabs to test new products, write, speak and interact with the community. 

Last week I collaborated with a good friend, Lance, who is also part of the ambassador program and professor at USC. He invited me to speak with rising start students about my experience founding Lot28, creating a career path using innovative tech post college and of course our partnership with Formlabs. 


We have a lot of new things in the works with Formlabs so keep your eyes peeled! For those of you who are interested in getting involved with Formlabs or want to dive into the world of 3D printing drop a comment below! We have referrals codes for Formlabs products and are more than happy to help with any questions. 

See you next week in The Living Room