Zero Waste Packaging!

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Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to week five of the Living Room! 

How many of you have ever felt shitty about the environment and your contribution to climate change? Whether it’s forgetting your reusable bags at the grocery store, the guilty pleasure of cool new trends at Zara, or your love for long road trips we’ve all felt it at one point or another. 


A nagging feeling that comes in waves of guilt but eventually fades into the white noise of life. [ A shameless reference to Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise, definitely worth a read! ] So we ask ourselves:

What responsibility do we owe to the environment? 

How do we cope with a massive problem like climate change? 

Driving up to the island, Lot28, my dad and I were listening to our favorite podcast, Podship Earth. The hour long segment was about green guilt. An ‘OH MY GOD that’s what that is’ moment occurred. I had never been able to articulate the overwhelming inequity I felt towards our relationship with the environment until now. Enter green guilt : 



Green guilt | The gut feeling and knowledge that you could and should be doing more to help preserve the environment. 

And so the irrational mind game of wanting to drop off the grid, vow to never use plastic again in an attempt to erase any trace of a carbon footprint begins [ Read with extreme dramatic tone ] But that’s the easy way out and not any sort of life I want to live. No, there has to be a better answer. That answer, for me, was Lot28. 

We all care about the environment but we also want to live our lives too, right? Since launching Lot28 a little less than a year ago we have taking a step in the right direction and are so excited to announce our zero-waste packaging! Utilizing a reusable silicone food storage bag and an eco-friendly cloth as cushion you reuse every part of your Lot28 package. Along with reusable packaging you will find a multi functional thank you card and eco-friendly lifestyle tips! 


A list of ten habits you can easily incorporate into your daily life. From carrying a water bottle to hang drying your clothes it’s small actions like these that contribute to radical change. Hang the post card on your fridge or as a friendly reminder before you walk out the door. 


So often the effects of climate change are painted with crimping threats about the future. We can all attest that isn’t helping anyone. We didn’t create climate change over night; it was built slowly over the past decades. So why would we expect a quick-fix solution? Instead we are focusing on the small actions we can adopt daily to reduce our impact and feeling great doing it.  


There are many changes that need to happen inorder to fix climate change and this can one of them. Changing your lifestyle in small ways can help the earth and future generations

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Thanks for reading, we love sharing more of the work and passion that goes into Lot28 with all of you.

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