The Story of Lot28 continued | Family Vacation

Jocelyn DeSistoComment

Better late than never, I am currently writing from the dock of Lot28. I had contemplated taking a week off from the blog to appreciate time with visiting family. Yet, I was reminded of why I started The Living Room, a window into the world of Lot28, sharing the passion and story of how Lot28 came to be with all of you. 

This past week my cousin and her husband, Ronal,  got married in Belgrade, the town where lot 28 is located. Family and friends traveled from as far as Peru for a long weekend up on the lake. The wedding was fantastic not only for the community of people but the history and sentiment of Belgrade. 

For the past fifteen years, my extended family has been renting a three house complex on the main land of the lake. Family members come and go throughout the week but cumulatively 25+ members of the DeSisto family vacation throughout the week. Over the years my time in Belgrade has been stretched thin due to college, travel, and the demands of life but somehow I have always made it up for the first week in August and our family vacation.

How often do we let the busy haze of life cloud our desire and need to press pause? Sitting here on the dock, I was contemplating what to share and how to express what the first week in August means for Lot28. Simply put, it’s been a week of pressing pause. Pressing pause on all of the things that keep us from appreciating the immediate moment of our surroundings and community. 


So for those of you who have tuned in for week six of the Living Room let this be a simple reminder to find time in your day to press pause. Even if just for a couple of minutes, pause and find beauty in your current surroundings. We will be here for throughout the weekend soaking up the last bit of lot 28 before we begin our next adventure!  

Lot28 is packing up early next week and making our way to Brooklyn! We will have lots of new and exciting adventures to share with you in the coming weeks as we settle into our new space!  

See you next week!