Lot28 x Cluster Craft

Jocelyn DeSistoComment

Whoa can you believe it’s already week ten of the Living Room!

Three weeks into our new move to Brooklyn and we couldn’t be happier! Feeding off new creative energy we have been busy developing our latest body of work, making new connections, and exploring exciting opportunities [ that said I am waiting VERY patiently to share our new projects with all of you! ] 

We are thrilled to debut a new collection of work with Cluster Craft next week in London! An extension of our coral bleaching theme for the year the eight piece body of work is inspired by generating awareness around the global issue of coral bleaching. 

Due to the effects of climate change we have lost over 25% of the worlds living coral in the past 30 years. The United Nations predicts that by mid-century we could lose functional coral reef ecosystems across most of the world if we don’t take immediate action in protecting our oceans


Evolving our focus of coral bleaching this year this collection is special in that each piece is inspired by a specific organism that is vital to the health of coral reefs! 

Speckled Sea Cucumber Ring 

If you have been following The Living Room you might have seen our post from earlier this month expressing our obsession with the new cucumber ring. A Lot28 twist on the classic Cocktail ring, this adjustable ring is inspired by the sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms—like starfish and sea urchins. There are over 1,250 known species, many of which are shaped like soft-bodied cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are a vital part of reef ecosystems, responsible for turning reef sand and feeding on dead organic matter. However, in recent years sea cucumbers have been overfished and are suffering. They used for cancer research, traditional Chinese medicine and are considered a culinary delicacy.


Aqua Hoops 

Inspired by blue coral these hoops express the captivating colors unique to blue coral. Blue coral is a species of colonial coral. Distinct in its massive aragonite skeleton, blue coral is one of the few corals that has pigment in its skeleton resulting in its deep blue color. Most stony corals produce a pure white calcium carbonate skeleton. The deep blue color of the coral runs all the way through its core [ How cool is that?! ] 


Photoautotrophs Necklace 

This statement necklace is inspired by photoautotrophs, organisms that make their own energy using light and carbon dioxide via the process of photosynthesis. The word photoautotroph is a combination of autotroph, the word for an organism that makes its own food, and the prefix photo-, which means “light”. Photoautotrophs are vital to reef systems because they are a main food source for organisms that don’t produce their own food source via photosynthesis and create oxygen as a byproduct. The lush colors in the Photoautotrophs Necklace comes from the thriving and vibrant organisms it is inspired by. 


There are five more pieces in the collection that we will preview just before the opening of the show next Wednesday! Check back here on the Living Room of more information about the inspiration behind our work next week. 

For now we are working hard in the studio before the long weekend and the start of September. If you’re still craving more information about coral bleaching check out this amazing video put together by the United Nations.  

See you next week on the Living Room!