Lot28 Heads for London with Cluster Craft

Jocelyn DeSisto1 Comment

We are so excited to announce Lot28 will be showcasing a new collection of work with Cluster Craft Jewellery Edition in London at the beginning of September! 

Cluster supports designers and brands who are not afraid to be active, innovative and different. It is a platform that takes a unique approach towards exhibiting and experiencing the creative arts, bringing together a range of styles and imaginative individuals into an intimate collective setting.


Smack in the middle of the iconic cultural hotbed Brick Lane, the exhibition will take place at The Truman Brewery. The show will run from September 4th to the 8th and will take place during London Fashion Week


We will be showcasing a nine piece body of work for the exhibition. Meet the Speckled Sea Cucumber Ring inspired by our latest obsession [ in case the name didn’t give it away ] sea cucumbers. The adjustable ring is made from hand-painted 3D printed resin and sterling silver. 

A take on the timeless cocktail ring, the Speckled Sea Cucumber is a sure-fire conversation started. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms—like starfish and sea urchins. There are over 1,250 known species, many of which are shaped like soft-bodied cucumbers.

A close relative of the nudibranch [ a personal favorite of mine ] I have been studying sea cucumbers for a good part of the summer. They are a vital part of reef ecosystems, responsible for turning reef sand and feeding on dead organic matter. However, in recent years sea cucumbers have been overfished and are suffering. They used for cancer research, traditional Chinese medicine and are considered a culinary delicacy. 


Developing this nine piece body of work has been a breath of fresh air and the ideal way to round out the summer as our time in Maine comes to an end and we head off to NYC. We will be sharing more of the collection in the coming weeks. 

For now we are finishing packing up and heading off. If you’re in London make sure to check out the exhibition. All of the work will be available for purchase alongside a fantastic selection of other contemporary jewellery.