A Dolphin and Turtle meet in the Lot28 Living Room

Jocelyn DeSistoComment

Let's be real here, making and keeping genuine friends as an adult can be hard amidst the whirlwind that is life. A balancing act of work, staying active, and achieving our goals while not losing sight of the journey in between. 

Finishing up our year long residency in Savannah with SCAD we just moved back to Maine for the summer before moving into our new studio in Brooklyn. Taking a minute to reflect on our changing scenery and plans for the future, the topic of community was at the forefront of our conversation. 

We want to connect and share more with all of you! Enter the virtual Lot28 Living Room, a place to open a dialogue with the community that has grown around Lot28. Sharing the smorgasbord of information and experiences that make up who we are; from the podcast we’re listening to, books we’re reading, or as simple as the new color we’re feeling for the week. A place of weekly blurbs [ we won’t call it a full blown blog just yet ] about the content and topics we’re passionate about. 

So we thought, where better to start than the power of jewelry. Does a pair of earrings really have the ability to spark a new friendships? 

I have been a cult follower of Man Repeller since I can remember. Harling Ross, fashion editor at MR, posted an article last week that struck a chord with me. Broaching the subject of making friends as an adult coupled with a fitting metaphor of a new pair of aquatic earrings they launched [ which, of course, I had to have! ] 

A mismatched pair of dolphin and turtle enameled mini hoops, perfect for summer and packed with a swimming metaphor about friendship. We have the dolphin and the turtle. The dolphin known for its energetic and social personality [ the chatty Kathy of the group one might say]. And then the turtle, much softer, independent, quiet and a just a touch of a loner. Two individuals in the ocean of life that at face value seem polar opposite. [ But wait ] When given the chance, they make a great pair! The yin and yang of asymmetrical earrings forge a new friendship. 

It’s moments like these, even with a light hearted metaphor, that make us reconsider the potential of what often goes overlooked. Whether it is reconnecting with an old friend or taking a leap into the new and uncomfortable unknown, the dolphin and turtle are a step in the right direction. 

So next time you second guess reconnecting with a friend or dipping a toe into the unknown let your earrings be a friendly reminder to reach out and say hey

I will admit the thought crossed my mind, who am I to be writing a blog, but hey the dolphin and turtle didn’t know until they tried either right? Taking a step into uncharted waters, of dare I say blogging, welcome to the Lot28 Living Room!