The Story of Lot28

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Cheers to week three of the Living Room and consistency! 

Starting off, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the structure of weekly writing but I have to say I’ve loved sharing more of what goes into Lot28 with all of you. We would love to hear your feedback and what you want to see more of [ comment below and let us know ]! 


Sitting here on the dock, listening to the water splash against the rocks and a cool breeze to offset the sun I figured it was only fitting to share the story of how the name Lot28 came to be. 

I’ve been on the island for four days free of technology, painting, reading and enjoying the lake with my family. I was reminded of why this plot of land, Lot28, has become so important to me. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. 


When my dad was nineteen he bought a four acre plot of land on an island up in Maine. The plot of land was Lot28. At the time he was attending school in Boston, three hours away. Every weekend he would pile into a car with his friends and head to the island. A fun escape from the city that would soon turn into much more. 

My parents met through mutual friends while she was attending school in Vermont. The island became their weekend meet up and the foundation of their relationship. My dad went twenty-three weekends in a row one summer! 

Betty_Fishing_Pole copy.jpg

They later got married on the island surrounded by friends and family. [ Fun Fact : My mom changed out of her wedding dress into her bathing suit and went straight off the rope swing! ]


Growing up meant packing a bag every summer Friday and heading to the island. Time free from life’s distractions to appreciate the peace of the island and good company. There were definitely times when my sister and I took the island for granted, wishing we could have stayed home to hang with friends. It wasn’t until I moved to Savannah for school that I understood the true beauty of the island. 


We have a running joke with my dad whenever he questions why my sisters and I travel so much. We laugh and say ‘you raised us with the mentality of packing a bag every weekend!’ 

While attending SCAD I began to draw upon what I wanted post graduation. The idea of the island and the deep appreciation for nature it instilled in me was always in the back of my mind. My vision for Lot28 as a company has been a long time coming but it wasn’t until this past year that all the pieces seem to fit together. 

Lot28 is an expression of what growing up on the island taught me. Creating the space and context to press pause and reconnect with our surrounding and that which is larger than us. Devoted to generating awareness around environmental issues each collection we make tells a story for the wearer to share. I hope our jewelry will be a springboard to discuss our influence and opportunity to enact positive environmental change. 


That said, we are hard at work planning our next steps as we gear up to move to Brooklyn. We have big plans for the next edition of the Find Lot28 installation and can’t wait to share them with you! 

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